Our private counsel practice is an ongoing relationship that oversees all of your wealth management needs from the perspective that we serve as your general counsel on your business and personal matters. It includes the following:

·       Business planning

·       Asset Protection (domestic and offshore)

·       Formation and maintenance of client business structures

·       Counsel for client business organizations created

·       Fund investment analysis and negotiation of managed accounts

·       Private equity and venture capital analysis and negotiation

·       Estate, trust and gift planning

·       Tax planning

·       Intra-family ownership transfers

·       Philanthropy

·       Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial wealth planning, including family counseling

·       Private aviation purchase, fractional leasing and finance

·       Purchase and divestiture of family owned businesses

·       Purchase and divestiture of real estate

·       Review and analysis of insurance coverage

·       Government relations

·       Escrow services